The traditional meaning of a word ‘snob’ is probably what a lot of people know and understand:

snob (noun)

  1. a person who strives to associate with those of higher social status and who behaves condescendingly to others
  2. a person having similar pretensions with regard to his tastes, etc an intellectual snob

But what about those who strive to be better in cultural aspects such as food, wine, art and literature? Perhaps amongst your peers you may be known as a wine snob, an art snob, a food snob, or a yoga snob, etc. You can be labelled as snobbish by being interested in high-culture away from the norms of your current social circles. However the reality is that these are things you are interested in, have a desire to learn more of and have the means to achieve.

And what’s wrong with that?

Rather ironically, it’s those who call others a snob that actually act in a condescending manner. It’s as if trying to improve one’s tastes and manners is a negative thing, or trying to learn more about aspects of life and culture that interest you is an undesirable activity.

Here at Aspiring Snob, we want to challenge the preconception that being a snob is a pejorative thing and instead take ownership of the “S word” as something a lot more positive. We believe that if you have the means and the interest in living a better life, a more refined or cultured life, then you should have every opportunity to do so. Just as those who would label you a snob have the right to enjoy their pursuits, whatever they might be.

Join us in this journey to fight preconceptions and condescending behaviour while also having the times of our lives with unique activities and experiences that you may have once only dreamed of!

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