A magnificent view of the Grand Canal in Venice from the balcony of the famous Hotel Daneli, accompanied by some amazing wine and snacks.

The Value of Luxury

Our main aim at Aspiring Snob is to show you the value of luxury. That could come in the form of luxurious items, experiences or trips that won’t break the bank. Or it could be through more expensive options that are worth every penny you put towards it. We also want to help educate you. We believe that everyone who wants it should get to experience the finer things in life, and when you do experience them we want to ensure you know what to do.

The luxury lifestyle you see in magazines and on the TV should not be limited to the rich and famous. You should have your own shot at living this way when you can. Through our own experiences as well as experts in their fields, we want to bring you all the best ideas and tips that we have and share them with you.

So peer behind the velvet curtain and see how you can achieve what you aspire to…

Valentine’s Day In Lockdown

We Love The Magic Of Romance

If you have been following us for a while, you’ll know that we believe in romance. We love the magic it brings to our daily lives. Not only does it keep us warm and fuzzy, especially now during winter in the UK where we are in a third lockdown; it also inspires us. We feel inspired to cherish the magic of love and to look for its reminders everywhere we can. Usually for Valentine’s Day we would organise a romantic getaway, either in London or somewhere abroad. That getaway would most definitely involve a visit to a Michelin star restaurant. Wherever we went, and whatever we did, we tried to “enhance the romance” if you like.

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The Fable Tree at the Fat Duck

The Fable Tree is a Christmas themed menu and experience put together by celebrity British chef Heston Blumenthal. Like his other experience menus, The Fable Tree focuses on a journey; the journey of a seed as it grows into a Christmas tree and all the associated days and activities around that.

The Fable Tree experience is almost like attending an immersive theatre performance. The main difference being that you digest the elements presented in front of you. The experience has three main parts: The life and purpose of the Fable Tree, Christmas Day Dinner and Boxing Day.

We started this year with a visit to the Fat Duck. Given how the rest of 2020 went, when the opportunity came up to go again and experience The Fable Tree, we couldn’t say no. Why could we not say no? Keep on reading…

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Time to Connect at Four Seasons With 20% Off

In what is very clearly a slow news year for what we love doing and writing about, it is good to see when venues adjust their offerings to cater for our current times. Recently announced, the Four Seasons chain is offering 20% off on advanced bookings that also include full flexibility should your plans need to change. Presumably this is if there’s new lockdown or travel restrictions implemented to or from your destination. They call this offer Time To Connect.

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Afternoon Tea 2.0 – Afternoon Tea Week during a Pandemic

Last year we talked to Eileen Donaghey, the Afternoon Tea Expert about all things afternoon tea. In our post, we gained an expert insight into this charming and quintessentially British ritual. This year, ahead of Afternoon Tea Week 2020, we wanted to know if and how the afternoon tea experience will evolve, given the current global pandemic and if this is the beginning of a version 2.0 of afternoon tea.

Given the ever-changing restrictions and limitations placed on restaurants, hotels and other areas of the hospitality sector, it remains unclear how venues could provide afternoon tea, if at all.

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Good Hair Day – 6 Tips For Luxurious Hair Care At Home

While in lockdown we are, quite rightly, spending all of days at home. Our activities and priorities have changed drastically since the pandemic started and many of us needed to adjust into doing everything at home for the very first time. Just like our priorities, our focus has changed when it comes to our looks. At home we can afford to be more comfortable than professional in our looks. This not only goes for our choice of clothes, but also for our make-up routines and hair styling.

Ironically for me, this is the time when I started paying more attention to my hair and how I care for it. Being deprived of my regular visits to a hair salon, I started analysing what the routine my hairdresser was following to make my hair look its best. While the trim is not something I would be comfortable to imitate at home, the treatment, however, is. Here’s how I do it.

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