The Value of Valet Car Park

Counter-intuitively, the luxurious lifestyle is often the most cost efficient.

The story I’m about to tell you was an eye-opener for me. Something I always considered a ‘waste of money’ played to my favour in such a smooth and brilliant way that it changed my approach to spending money and magnified the concept of value for money. This experience gave me the confidence in asking questions about an item or service to understand in detail what I am getting for what price, as opposed to dismissing it right after hearing the number.

During my business travels, I have always been parking my own car at the hotel car park for the night and have always considered it the most cost efficient solution. Until I visited Dakota Deluxe, a luxury hotel in Leeds.

Trusting your prized possession to others can be difficult at first. 

I arrived late at the hotel relieved to finally have made it, only to realise that the hotel which is situated in the heart of Leeds and only 5-minute walk from Leeds train station, does not have its own car park. The 24 hour reception offered me directions to the nearby car park (Q-Park The Light) and a 25% off voucher.

Don’t dismiss things as soon as you hear the price tag. What you’re getting might be totally worth it.

I must have looked somewhat desolate when the concierge offered me something that sounded like luxurious mercy at the time. He offered that he would park my car for me, aka the valet car park. I took it. I parted with the keys to the most valuable thing I own and headed upstairs to the hotel room with my luggage which consisted of multitude of bags. Even the elegant dark colour palette, immaculate look of the plush bedding and warm atmosphere of my room did not distract me from thinking about the keys which I gave to a complete stranger.

Luckily, I opened the Audi app to confirm the location of my car, which showed that it was in the local car park as planned. This unequivocally put my mind at ease.

The next morning, expecting to cover the charge of the concierge car park out of my own pocket, as it was for convenience rather than necessity (although the night before I saw it as an absolute life-saver), I went to collect the keys and the car to drive to work for the day. Luckily, I stayed at the hotel for two more nights, parking my car myself. That is how I found out that the valet car park was an ultimate value for money. 12 hours at this car park cost £22. Valet car park costs £25. In this scenario, the difference between you parking your own car and delegating this job to the concierge is only £3 yet the difference in service is worth so much more. Time, energy, hassle, carrying your stuff between the car and the hotel, looking for a spot, to name just few.

These are the times when you do feel well looked after. My advice is don’t dismiss things as soon as you hear the price tag. What you’re getting might be totally worth it.

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