A magnificent view of the Grand Canal in Venice from the balcony of the famous Hotel Daneli, accompanied by some amazing wine and snacks.

The Value of Luxury

Our main aim at Aspiring Snob is to show you the value of luxury. That could come in the form of luxurious items, experiences or trips that won’t break the bank. Or it could be through more expensive options that are worth every penny you put towards it. We also want to help educate you. We believe that everyone who wants it should get to experience the finer things in life, and when you do experience them we want to ensure you know what to do.

The luxury lifestyle you see in magazines and on the TV should not be limited to the rich and famous. You should have your own shot at living this way when you can. Through our own experiences as well as experts in their fields, we want to bring you all the best ideas and tips that we have and share them with you.

So peer behind the velvet curtain and see how you can achieve what you aspire to…

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