Time to Connect at Four Seasons With 20% Off

In what is very clearly a slow news year for what we love doing and writing about, it is good to see when venues adjust their offerings to cater for our current times. Recently announced, the Four Seasons chain is offering 20% off on advanced bookings that also include full flexibility should your plans need to change. Presumably this is if there’s new lockdown or travel restrictions implemented to or from your destination. They call this offer Time To Connect.

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It’s a Drone’s Life – Lessons Learned From Taking Up Drone Photography

In order to improve the quality and variety of pictures that I take, I’ve been talking about getting a drone for the longest time. I’ll be the first to admit that part of it was because I love new gadgets and toys and a drone ticks those boxes. However I genuinely wanted to get shots that no-one else would have, and to get in on this as early as possible before everyone’s mobile phone is also a drone.

Having played with toy drones for a number of years and learning that they’re damn near impossible to fly, I was initially hesitant on getting a “real” drone that cost many times more. After a lot of reading and comparing different drones, my fears were assuaged after reading about all of the safety measures and cleverness that goes into a modern drone. This meant I wouldn’t actually be scared to fly the thing.

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Valentine for Valentine’s – Staying at Vineyards for all the right reasons

This Valentine’s Day, we will be enjoying an incrediably good red wine from the Bordeaux region called Valentine par Valentine. This wine comes from a relatively small producer in the Cadillac region of Bordeaux called Chateau Lamothe de Haux. At Chateau Lamothe they produce a few thousand bottles of wine each season ranging from sumptious reds to crisp whites and a sweet Sauternes-style semillion. Being in Bordeaux, they naturally do an amazing Claret, too.

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A magnificent view of the Grand Canal in Venice from the balcony of the famous Hotel Daneli, accompanied by some amazing wine and snacks.

The Value of Luxury

Our main aim at Aspiring Snob is to show you the value of luxury. That could come in the form of luxurious items, experiences or trips that won’t break the bank. Or it could be through more expensive options that are worth every penny you put towards it. We also want to help educate you. We believe that everyone who wants it should get to experience the finer things in life, and when you do experience them we want to ensure you know what to do.

The luxury lifestyle you see in magazines and on the TV should not be limited to the rich and famous. You should have your own shot at living this way when you can. Through our own experiences as well as experts in their fields, we want to bring you all the best ideas and tips that we have and share them with you.

So peer behind the velvet curtain and see how you can achieve what you aspire to…

Get it while it’s hot – Why you should visit recently opened restuarants

There are many great restaurants around the world that have made a name for themselves and are a staple on the foodie scene; The Fat Duck, White Rabbit, Attica and Blue Hill to name just a few. Given their fame and the quality of their experiences, they thankfully won’t be going anywhere in a hurry. However, like with any new business, not all restaurants manage to go the distance.

As around half of all new businesses fail to survive the five year mark, this means that your hot new local food spot may also not be around for the long haul just by following that statistic. In addition for restaurants there’s also considerations about changing trends in foods and cuisines, rising food and staff costs, and the one thing that is absolutely critical for any fledgling restaurant – footfall.

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