Sightseeing at The Shard in style

TIP: Go to the GŎNG Bar instead of the traditional viewing platforms – both cost around the same but GŎNG Bar offers the view and yummy cocktails in an opulent ambience, whereas the traditional viewing platforms offer the view only.

The Shard is London’s tallest building with high speed elevators that travel at 6 meters per second towards a stunning view. The Shard also has two more traditional viewing platforms, the indoor viewing platform on Level 69 and the open-air Skydeck on Level 72. However the wow element is an experience on Level 52: GŎNG Bar, which is part of the Shangri-La Hotel.

Cocktails in the clouds at GŎNG Bar.
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The Art of Tasting Wine at a Restaurant

So you’re on a big date. Or an important meeting. Or out with some good friends. You’re at a nice restaurant. The kind of restaurant that irons the table cloths before each service. Maybe there’s a star or two involved. You’ve read the menu, shared your choices with your fellow diner(s) and even progressed past the often heated “red or white” debate.

This is arguably the most mysterious, unknown and contested point during a fine dining experience

As a result of being an avid reader of Aspiring Snob, you’ve also taken it upon yourself, or been assigned, to decide on the wine to accompany your fine meal. You’ve browsed through and weighed up the merits of New World versus Old World, the type of grape, perhaps the year and – cutting right to the chase – the price. Finally you settle on what you believe will be an impressive accompaniment to your meal and will increase your standing by pairing perfectly.

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