Valentine for Valentine’s – Staying at Vineyards for all the right reasons

This Valentine’s Day, we will be enjoying an incrediably good red wine from the Bordeaux region called Valentine par Valentine. This wine comes from a relatively small producer in the Cadillac region of Bordeaux called Chateau Lamothe de Haux. At Chateau Lamothe they produce a few thousand bottles of wine each season ranging from sumptious reds to crisp whites and a sweet Sauternes-style semillion. Being in Bordeaux, they naturally do an amazing Claret, too.

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A Playful Pairing at The Fat Duck – 5 Reasons To Choose the Non-Alcoholic Pairing

The Fat Duck often needs no introduction. Ranked number 1 in the World’s 50 Best Restaurants list in 2005, it is one of a handful of three Michelin star restaurants in the UK and is situated in the charming country town of Bray in Berkshire, England. It is run by Heston Blumenthal, the celebrity chef known for marrying the culinary arts with science and a flair for the dramatic. The Fat Duck reputation precedes itself for offering extraordinary culinary experiences in a theatrical setting.

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Dessert Wines

When dining out at a nice restaurant, or putting on a dinner party at home, it is fairly standard to have a starter, main and dessert. This is a tried and tested formula as there’s something about a tantalising entree leading into a filling main which is then followed up by a succulent dessert, that leaves the mind and body feeling nourished and satiated. The same can be said for drinks, especially when accompanying such a meal. Apertifs, wines and digestifs are perfectly suited for each stage of a meal.

Wine (or sake, beer, juice) for a main is a fairly well-understood concept, and something that I’ve spoken about elsewhere. Writing this now in summer, apertifs like the delicious Aperol Spritz are a fairly common sight at trendy restaurant terraces. However I’m of the opinion that the humble dessert wine is a misunderstood and often overlooked third leg of the trifecta of complimenting drinks.

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Top Shelf for Bottom Dollar

For those of us who enjoy a tipple every once in a while, appreciating a well made cocktail, a delicious wine or a smooth vodka is what it’s all about. Like any of the finer things in life, understanding the craft and the story behind what you’re enjoying only adds to the whole experience. Combine that with watching an expert create or select your drink means you can concentrate on the taste and the flavour of your chosen drop.

There are many amazing venues that will serve phenomenal cocktails often with creative themes and unique presentation. Top restaurants will always have a sommelier who will absolutely nail the wine pairing with your meal elevating both food and drink. Many small batch craft distilleries are creating some stunning spirits, especially around gin and vodka, often found at top and exclusive bars. However all of this comes with a price – quite literally.

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