Good Hair Day – 6 Tips For Luxurious Hair Care At Home

While in lockdown we are, quite rightly, spending all of days at home. Our activities and priorities have changed drastically since the pandemic started and many of us needed to adjust into doing everything at home for the very first time. Just like our priorities, our focus has changed when it comes to our looks. At home we can afford to be more comfortable than professional in our looks. This not only goes for our choice of clothes, but also for our make-up routines and hair styling.

Ironically for me, this is the time when I started paying more attention to my hair and how I care for it. Being deprived of my regular visits to a hair salon, I started analysing what the routine my hairdresser was following to make my hair look its best. While the trim is not something I would be comfortable to imitate at home, the treatment, however, is. Here’s how I do it.

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7 Gift Ideas To Help You This Christmas

Struggling with gifts for people you don’t know well? We can help!

As promised, I’ve put together a few gift ideas for the scenario where you don’t know the person well enough to know exactly what the perfect gift for them is, yet for whatever reason you still need to provide them with a present. It could be a co-worker, a neighbour or a distant family member. When society says a gift is appropriate, but your relationship to them isn’t close enough to hone in on something specific, this list could help you out of a pickle.

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Cool as a Cucumber – why Cucumber Clothing is ideal for travelling

When travelling long distances, there are a number of aspects that travel providers (such as airlines or bus companies) do to help us become more comfortable, and therefore more likely to travel with them again. These comforts range from improved seating, lower cabin pressure (for aircraft) and entertainment units.

However, there’s also a number of things that we, as travellers, can do, too. You’ve probably seen people with travel pillows or others in their pyjamas. Yet another thing that we can do to make our travelling lives easier and more comfortable is simply choosing the right material to wear.

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How to Create a Luxury Spa in Your Home

The Oxford Dictionary’s definition of a spa is “a bath containing hot aerated water”, I guess you could say that “spa” is a fancy word for a “hot bath”. By this definition you could very well have a private spa in your home already! However I think when most of us think of the word “spa”, we think of a luxuriously appointed space oozing tranquillity and calm, nourishing refreshments with meditative music in the background where your mind, body and soul are pampered and recharged. Now wouldn’t you prefer that in your home, rather than just a hot bath?

A professional spa session can set you back quite a lot, sometimes even up to hundreds of pounds. However if you were to create a spa environment in your own home, then you can use it literally whenever you want. Planning, reservations and logistics are yours to command. And of course it will be way cheaper, all you need are a few accessories in your home.

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The gift that keeps on giving – Bobbi Brown’s ‘How To’

Doing the usual window shopping at Elys, which is a rather nice shopping centre in Wimbledon, London, I noticed that the Bobbi Brown counter had a professional make-up artist who was applying make-up and discussing with their client about what was being applied. Enquiring more about this, it turns out that Bobbi Brown offer a free make-up lesson. Without any hesitation I signed myself up to see what all the fuss was about.

Not only did I receive some brilliant tips and tricks that I still use in my daily routine, but I’ve also learned how best to utilise the lessons not only for my own everyday use, but also for when a special occasion requires it.

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