It’s a Drone’s Life – Lessons Learned From Taking Up Drone Photography

In order to improve the quality and variety of pictures that I take, I’ve been talking about getting a drone for the longest time. I’ll be the first to admit that part of it was because I love new gadgets and toys and a drone ticks those boxes. However I genuinely wanted to get shots that no-one else would have, and to get in on this as early as possible before everyone’s mobile phone is also a drone.

Having played with toy drones for a number of years and learning that they’re damn near impossible to fly, I was initially hesitant on getting a “real” drone that cost many times more. After a lot of reading and comparing different drones, my fears were assuaged after reading about all of the safety measures and cleverness that goes into a modern drone. This meant I wouldn’t actually be scared to fly the thing.

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7 Gift Ideas To Help You This Christmas

Struggling with gifts for people you don’t know well? We can help!

As promised, I’ve put together a few gift ideas for the scenario where you don’t know the person well enough to know exactly what the perfect gift for them is, yet for whatever reason you still need to provide them with a present. It could be a co-worker, a neighbour or a distant family member. When society says a gift is appropriate, but your relationship to them isn’t close enough to hone in on something specific, this list could help you out of a pickle.

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Barista Coffee in Your Home

For me, the perfect day starts like this:

  1. I wake up naturally five minutes before the alarm, feeling refreshed
  2. I jump out of bed and spring straight into the shower
  3. Feeling refreshed and cleansed, I make a healthy breakfast
  4. I brew the perfect coffee
  5. Reading the news, I enjoy my breakfast and my delicious coffee
  6. I dive into my work for the day, with a smile on my face and a glint in my eye

As you can probably guess, the above list was created with my tongue firmly placed within my cheek. The truth of the matter is that none of those steps actually occur for me – except one.

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