It’s a Drone’s Life – Lessons Learned From Taking Up Drone Photography

In order to improve the quality and variety of pictures that I take, I’ve been talking about getting a drone for the longest time. I’ll be the first to admit that part of it was because I love new gadgets and toys and a drone ticks those boxes. However I genuinely wanted to get shots that no-one else would have, and to get in on this as early as possible before everyone’s mobile phone is also a drone.

Having played with toy drones for a number of years and learning that they’re damn near impossible to fly, I was initially hesitant on getting a “real” drone that cost many times more. After a lot of reading and comparing different drones, my fears were assuaged after reading about all of the safety measures and cleverness that goes into a modern drone. This meant I wouldn’t actually be scared to fly the thing.

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How to Treat Self-Isolation As an Opportunity, Part 1: Community

Part of our Self-Isolation Series
Part 1: Community | Part 2: You | Part 3: Your Home

With the current Covid-19 pandemic that is affecting each and every one of us and where self-isolation and “social distancing” are now commonplace, we still have options as to how we can treat this time. Do we see this as a confinement, a deprivation or even as a prison sentence? Perhaps we can do much better than that. Let’s try to see how we can do something useful with this time.

As the saying goes, it is what it is and we have no choice but to get through this. Worrying will achieve nothing and only waste time. I know that sometimes that’s easier said than done, which is why I think it makes sense to see how other people are dealing with this “time on their hands”.

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Morocco – The Ultimate Destination For Affordable Luxury

Morocco is a diverse and culturally rich country. From snow-capped mountains to sand-filled deserts, the geography is as diverse as the experiences the country has to offer.

While there are many famous cities in Morocco (frankly, my dear), Marrakesh is one of the better places to enjoy the rich Moroccan culture, amazing cuisine and stunning experiences and it’s where we’ll be focusing our attention. Even if your budget is low, you can spend your time in Marrakesh in a luxurious way and get some serious bang for your buck.

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Valentine for Valentine’s – Staying at Vineyards for all the right reasons

This Valentine’s Day, we will be enjoying an incrediably good red wine from the Bordeaux region called Valentine par Valentine. This wine comes from a relatively small producer in the Cadillac region of Bordeaux called Chateau Lamothe de Haux. At Chateau Lamothe they produce a few thousand bottles of wine each season ranging from sumptious reds to crisp whites and a sweet Sauternes-style semillion. Being in Bordeaux, they naturally do an amazing Claret, too.

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A Playful Pairing at The Fat Duck – 5 Reasons To Choose the Non-Alcoholic Pairing

The Fat Duck often needs no introduction. Ranked number 1 in the World’s 50 Best Restaurants list in 2005, it is one of a handful of three Michelin star restaurants in the UK and is situated in the charming country town of Bray in Berkshire, England. It is run by Heston Blumenthal, the celebrity chef known for marrying the culinary arts with science and a flair for the dramatic. The Fat Duck reputation precedes itself for offering extraordinary culinary experiences in a theatrical setting.

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